YGATeam members


I’m ANDY (A Mon Mon Kyi), 93 liner from Myanmar.
Instagram admin for winner_minwoo account of YGATeam, also a fanartist 🙂 and a translator (on hiatus until exam finish) lol
I promote YGATeam and Winner on my FB in order to recruit more Myanmar fans for WINNER. (I’m also a group member of WINNER Myanmar & KSY Myanmar pages on FB)
You can check my drawings/brushworks/fanarts on my IG.
Keep promoting WINNER and also spread our MinWoo love (my major ship)!
If ever u guys visit these, don’t hesitate to comment down what u think about my posts or me, or whatever. U r welcomed!
FB – http://www.facebook.com/whitedragon.amon
Twitter @amonmonkyi
IG @amonmonkyi
Thz ^,^


I’m ghe, a student from indonesia. My bias is hoon . Lol . \ why does it sound so tacky? \ lmao . my job in fam? Umm… Boss, what do i do here??? Lol . Ah, i know, i’m in charge for the booty shaker . boss please put my booty shake sticker here lol
Well, i was forced to join to this fam actually. XDD no jk! But bcs of one and other thing, i’m considered as a family in YGATeam. At first i was so scared being here. There is this one family member you-must-know-who, who always gives strong impression. Kkk. But thanks to her, i could go crazy here. XD. Boss said i’m a talk machine, well, i am. But that’s because this family made me like this. I was born with grace and tenderness actually \LMAO\
Enough speaking nonsense, i need to get my sanity back .
Well, that was all my bio(?). Hope now you know what kind of peasant, i mean person i am . My twitter is @feverlastin_G \not interested? I know\ So call me, maybe? 🙂 i won’t bite .


Indonesian 92′ line Twitter: @xxxziax


Ikko Sebastian Lopez 19 From Philippines. YGStan. FB : Heber Jaffrey Lopez IG : xxxikkoisprktng TWITTER : xxxenchonggo Admin for hugeboi_9331.




I’m the fantastic fetus YGstan in the family, Jezebel (my nickname is Ebellees, just don’t call me my real name, it’s weird) (confused)(bubble)
I’m the maknae in the fam (fabulousness was a word created when the world first knew of my existence, 16 December 2000) (cool)(happy)
I’m from the same country as Iris unnie, but definitely not booby trap island. I write KPOP fan fics on Wattpad (@swizzTAO) My WINNER fan fic will be out on WINNER’s debut so look forward to that…. (wink)
Anyways, I admin the IG account, HUGEBOI_3193 , under “Admin Bele”.
Twitter: @YangTaeLin
Facebook: Ng HuiQin Jezebel
Wattpad: swizzTAO & GMPhoenix
I’m a YG biased kpopper and I’m a source of google translate from Chinese to English. I major in fan fic editing and slacking 24/7 and fangirling and sleeping. Probably enough nonsense from me…
If I personally know you, please don’t hesitate to scroll down to the next YGATeam member and act like you never seen this. (haha)
Be a nice person and socialize with me….. (cake2)(cake3) (Whutt nonsense…..)
Side note that I wouldn’t mind if Karla unnie adds: Unnie! Why are there only two types of cupcake emojis on Kakao??? ><


Hi!!! Nice to meet u all 😉 I’m Phoo, 96 liner from Myanmar and an Admin of Namsong IG>< Just comment me if u wanna know abt Winner or Namsong or me ^^ Pls love our Namsong more and more•_~ I’m warmly welcome Namsongers and Winner’s fans from all over the world XD. U guys can follow me on twitter @4everloveWinner




“HI ACES i’m xinrou from Malaysia ~ that’s right Malaysia Ace chyeah (´▽`) I’m the only admin for @fyjinyoon on instagram so do support me & this ship is beautiful alright (^: Also, please show a lot support to YGATEAM <3”


Hi I ‘m KHAI from Myanmar (one of YG stans). I ‘m a translator of YGATeam so as to expand our WINNER Fandom. Please do support WINNER and spread that love to others. Well you can check me out at twitter
@annabellekhai Thank you


Hi!! My name is johanna Im 96 line from Argentina and work as a hostess in the restaurants hotel. My bias is Jinwoo but i love with madness all members. I think i’m a kind person, i like talking with foreign people and learn about others culture as well. My position within YGAteam family is …. a talktative member??? hehehe and a translater too, of course XD Also im a translater for Running Man sub spanish, and im translating Infinites lives coming soon yeah im a busy girl hahaha. My top 3 bands are JYJ, Infinite and i think WINNER will could be on the 3º position. Mmmm what`s else? Paula and I started to stand Winner from WIN. Both are admin a facebook’s group “Go up Winner Argentina”. Hopefully we are increasing the number of winner’s stands in Argentina. Please support YGAteam family!!! We are a crazy family but we love Winner with all our hearts and ovaries hahaha love yah and take care!!

Cynthia S:

Twitter & Instagram: cynch_s

Spanish translator for YGATEAM 😀

Hello 😀 My name is Cynthia and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in New York. Because I come from a Mexican background, I am also fluent in Spanish. I am currently a college student majoring in Nursing. I have been a kpop fan since I was 16. I never realized how attractive Asians were before. But boy am I glad I know now thanks to kpop haha. I really fell in love with the Korean culture, not just their men haha. Every now and then I take a trip down to KTOWN in NYC just so I can eat their delicious food! My parents thought it would be just a phase I would get over, they couldn’t have been anymore wrong because now, not only do I have tons of posters on my wall and quite the amount of albums, I am also learning how to speak Korean! 😀 I want to learn as much as I can so in 2 years, after I graduate, I will go to Korea and spend some time there. The best part about being a fan of kpop and the Korean culture is that I have made a lot of friends from all over the world who share the same interest! Thanks to kpop, I have another family and I couldn’t be any happier! 🙂

Eka Diantari:

Hello everyone! I’m one
of the newest addition to YGATeam as the WordPress Admin.^^. I’m an ahjumma Incle(though I hope I’m not looks like one) ^^ 86Line from Indonesia.  A Pharmacist. Bibliophile (I collect lots of book… Like I have 7 bookshelves already). Music addict. Movie lover. Nature observer. Life-long learner. Aspiring writer with interest to fandom and nerdy stuff.

I fall in love with these dorks that magically through destiny meet each other, end up in a group called WINNER & subsequently became my new addiction & wreck my life v(^0^)v. By the way, I run an Indonesian Fansite of WINNER on http://inclebabies.com. If you want to have a chat about WINNER with me, you can follow me at my fangirling account on Twitter @Incle_Babies.

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