WINNER member profiles


Name: Kim Jinwoo

Birthday: Sept. 26, 1991

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Swimming

Talent: Acting

Position: Vocal & Visual

Random Fact: Acts like the maknae but is the oldest


Name: Lee SeungHoon

Hometown: Busan

Birthday: Jan. 11, 1992

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Lyricist

Talent: Choreography

Position: Rapper

Random Fact: Has lots of aegyo & charisma


Name: Song Mino

Birthday: March 30, 1993

Blood type: A

Hobby: Drawing, Basketball

Talent: Beatboxing, Lyricist, Composing

Position: Rapper

Random Fact: Has acting experience, was a trainee w/ block b & part of disbanded group BoM


Name: Kang SeungYoon

Hometown: Busan

Birthday: Jan. 21, 1994

Blood type: B

Hobby: Billiard

Talent: Composing, Lyricist, Drawing

Position: Vocal

Random Fact: Has acting experience and has already had a solo debut before WINNER


Name: Nam Taehyun

Birthday: May 10, 1994

Blood type: A

Hobby: Boxing

Talent: Composing, Lyricist

Position: main vocal

Random Fact: Acts cooler than his hyungs most of the time

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